Emotions and Their Functions

It is impossible to imagine a life without emotions. Everything we do (from the joy of winning at or disappointment at losing at sports to the elation of passing or sorrow of failing an exam), evoke some form of emotions in us.  We can feel love and happiness by being in the company of loved ones or friends.  On the other hand, we will also experience negative emotions such as sadness when a loved one dies or shame when scolded by our superiors or teachers.  Emotions actually give these experiences some meaning in our journey through life. 

Nonetheless, a lot of people avoid emotions because the are scared of the pain they can cause.  In fact, emotions play an important role in your life because they help you navigate through the demands of your daily life by recognising threats from unpleasant people, sharing love with people who care and telling other people what you need.

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All of us have both positive and negative feelings.  Both types of feelings are ESSENTIAL to help us learn and recognise the surroundings to survive and thrive in our journey through life. 

  • Positive feelings (Happiness, Surprise, Excitement, Interested, Contentment)
  • Negative feelings (Shame, Fear, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, Hopeless, Irritated, Anxious, Lonely, Suspicious)

You should not fight the negative feelings but allow them to teach you more about yourself. Try not to fake or cover up your emotions because you will not be true to yourself and may drive people away instead.  When you don’t cover up your bad feelings, they become more manageable and people will be more open to reach out to help you.

  • You will be able to handle criticisms or disappointments even if they hurt
  • You can let people into your life even though you risk getting rejected
  • You function better when you deal with your real emotions even if they are painful
  • You can learn to trust your true feelings
  • You should learn to accept the wide variety of emotions

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, do reach out and chat with a counsellor or therapist

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