Breast Cancer Staging 5 (5)

It is ESSENTIAL to know the stage of your breast cancer because it helps your doctors to evaluate and plan your treatment options. How breast cancer is staged Staging depends … Read More

Breast Biopsy 5 (3)

A breast biopsy is performed to obtain a small sample of tumour tissue for the Histopathologist to examine using a variety of stains.  The biopsy can be done using a … Read More

Breast Examination

Breast Lump: What Should I Do? 5 (3)

Breasts contain tissues of varying consistency due to fatty, glandular and connective tissue. You may feel some lumpiness during changes in your…

Breast Self Examination

Breast Self-Examination Technique 5 (2)

Breast self-examination is a simple and useful tool to help screen for breast diseases (such as cancer) in addition to a regular physical examination by your doctor with a mammogram and/or ultrasound.


Breast Mammogram: What To Expect 4 (1)

A mammogram uses a low-dose X-ray to see inside the breasts to help doctors detect and diagnose breast diseases. It is recommended that mammogram should…