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Good Bad Food

Bad Calories, Good Calories. Know The Difference!

From our previous post, we know that the main trick to losing fat is to achieve a calorie deficit. We also learnt that a calorie deficit can be achieved…

Healthy Eating

Healthy Ageing: Nutrition

In this era of fast foods and junk foods, the epidemic of metabolic and lifestyle diseases have skyrocketed. Every hour a person dies from a heart attack…

Zumba Exercise

Healthy Ageing: Exercise

Exercise is the best buy in public health and as Hippocrates said thousands of years ago, “Walking is men’s best medicine”.


Healthy Ageing: Manage Your Stress and Get Proper Sleep

Everyone experiences stress in their daily lives. However there is a fine line between good stress (Eustress) and bad stress (Distress).

Free Radicals

Healthy Ageing: Combat Free Radicals

In addition to normal body processes, environmental factors such as radiation, pollution, tobacco smoke, and others can act as oxidants and cause free radicals formation.

Immune System

Healthy Ageing: Strengthen Your Immune System

The immune theory of ageing suggests that as we get older our immune system becomes less efficient and we become more prone to infections and cancer.


Healthy Ageing: Balancing Your Hormones

The neuroendocrine theory suggests that it is the decline of the nervous and endocrine systems and lessening of their ability to regulate and integrate…

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