FESS Surgery 5 (1)

There are 4 pairs of sinuses in our skull which are important for the creation of sound and voice as well as production of mucus to moisturise the inside of … Read More

Tinnitus 0 (0)

Tinnitus occurs when you experience a ringing sound in one or both of your ears.  The sound is usually described as a constant humming or buzzing sound.  The sound can … Read More

Vocal Hygiene 5 (1)

Vocal hygiene is a term used to describe good habits to look after your vocal cords and support a healthy and strong voice throughout your life. Good voice habits are … Read More

Allergy Tests 5 (5)

Allergies are very common and it is estimated that up to 20-30% of us have some form of allergy to one or more substances (known as allergens) in varying amounts.  … Read More

Perforated Eardrum 5 (2)

The eardrum has 2 important functions to allow us to hear; It converts sound waves coming into your ear into vibrations to be sent to the cochlear. Cilia at the … Read More

Glue Ear 5 (2)

Glue ear is common in children and young adults caused by the accumulation of sticky fluid build up in the middle ear.  The fluid blocks the sound waves as well … Read More

How do we hear? 5 (1)

Hearing is one our 5 basic senses which help us communicate with our fellow human beings and to be alert to dangers around us.  Our hearing system is divided into … Read More

Nose Bleeds 5 (1)

The nose has a rich supply of blood vessels which help to warm the air we breathe into our lungs.  This rich plexus of blood vessels (called the Little’s area) … Read More

How to use a Nasal Spray 5 (2)

A lot of medications to treat the nose and sinuses are delivered using nasal sprays such as decongestants, saline spray or steroids.  Before you use the spray, blow and clear … Read More

Sinusitis 5 (3)

Sinusitis is the inflammation or swelling of the soft tissue lining in the sinuses. It is very common and can affected up to 10% of the population.  Normal healthy sinuses … Read More