How to Start your Lifestyle Behavioural Change

Changing your usual habit may not be as easy as your think because old habits die hard.  Change is a process that involves 5 stages before it becomes your new normal.  Starting the process of change is usually the most difficult step! But don’t worry because here are some tips to help you start your journey.

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Tips to help you overcome common challenges when you start

1. I Do Not Have Time

You need to make your new health goal a priority.  Even if you are busy, you can still fit in physical activity whenever and wherever you can, even at the office. You can use the stairs or park further away to work a bit longer to your office.   Find a friend or family member who can go food shopping with you to choose healthy food options.

2. I Can’t Do This Alone

Find some friends or join a group to do exercises or physical activities like sports with you.  Having a group usually helps you stay motivated and make it more enjoyable to have people to chat with while exercising. Sign for a fun fitness or gym classes whereby you will be committed to a regular timetable.  Involve your family members in your transformation to eat a healthier diet and avoid following co-workers to eat unhealthy meals during office lunch breaks.

3. I Don’t Know How to Play Sports or Exercise

In the past, exercise usually means lifting weights, playing sports or going to a gym which may intimidate you. Although you may not have any sporting skills, you can still be active in many ways, such as line dancing, walking in the park, Pilates, yoga or cycling.  Explore options you never thought about and find an activity which you truly enjoy.

4. Healthy Foods Don’t Taste Nice

You do not need to change into a bland diet.  Learn to modify your old usual recipes by using healthier alternatives or healthier cooking methods. For example, you can remove excess fat from meats or reduce the amount of butter, ghee, sugar, and salt you cook with.  Take photos of your meals and discuss with your dietician or nutritionist how to prepare the same dish in a healthier way.

5. I Don’t Know Where to Start

Make a plan that is simple and not too ambitious.  When making your plan, be specific. For example, when you create your exercise plan, write down the time of day when you can take walks and how long you will walk. Make the goals are realistic that are achievable or else you will lose interest.

Change one behaviour at a time because replacing unhealthy habits with healthy ones requires time and effort.  Most people give up because they try to change too much too fast.  As such, focus on one goal at a time.

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