How do Hearing Aids work? 0 (0)

Hearing Aids work by amplifying sound and is made up of 3 parts; The microphone receives sound and converts it into a digital signal The amplifier increases the strength of … Read More

Perforated Eardrum 5 (2)

The eardrum has 2 important functions to allow us to hear; It converts sound waves coming into your ear into vibrations to be sent to the cochlear. Cilia at the … Read More

Glue Ear 5 (2)

Glue ear is common in children and young adults caused by the accumulation of sticky fluid build up in the middle ear.  The fluid blocks the sound waves as well … Read More

How do we hear? 5 (1)

Hearing is one our 5 basic senses which help us communicate with our fellow human beings and to be alert to dangers around us.  Our hearing system is divided into … Read More

Hearing Loss

Causes and Management of Hearing Loss 4.5 (2)

When an individual has hearing loss, the person would most often be referred to an audiologist for a diagnosis of the type of hearing loss, severity of hearing loss, site of problem and non-medical management.

Ear Model

Types of Hearing Loss 5 (2)

Normally, hearing loss is divided into conductive loss, sensorineural loss and mixed loss. These descriptions are based on where the problem that caused the hearing loss is present.

Deaf Person

Can a Deaf Person Hear? 4 (1)

Can a deaf person hear? If your answer was a no, then you are among the majority who has the wrong idea about hearing impairment.