Saliva Testing for COVID

As of May 2021, there appears to be a trend showing a steady rise in the number of COVID cases with some countries like India having a worrying resurgent of cases reaching over 300,000 daily cases.  The gold standard testing for COVID remains to be nasal-throat RT-PCR swab test but the test is uncomfortable and requires trained health professionals in personal protective equipment (PPE) to perform the test for you at a clinic or hospital. 

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Saliva-based COVID testing appears to be as accurate as nasal-throat swab tests.  It has the advantage of being less invasive and more comfortable compared to the nasal-throat swab which can cause you to sneeze or retch.  Most importantly, you can perform the test yourself at a lab near you after the MOH was reported to have given approval.

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These tests are useful for those who;

  • have suspected exposure to someone with a COVID infection
  • have mild symptoms suspicious of COVID
  • want to monitor outbreaks in schools or institutions
  • want peace of mind

How to Get Ready for your Saliva COVID test

  • Do it before having coffee, eating breakfast or brushing your teeth is the best
  • Do NOT eat or drink anything, smoke, chew gum for 30 minutes prior to collecting your saliva sample

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