Gonorrhoea Infection

Gonorrhea is caused by the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae’  through unprotected sexual contact such as oral sex, anal or vaginal intercourse.  Symptoms usually develop within about 2-3 weeks after being infected, although some people may not experience any symptoms at all.  In addition to the genital tract, gonorrhoea can also affect other sites such as the rectum, throat and eyes depending on the type of sexual contact. 

Symptoms in Women

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Symptoms in Men

  • Unusual discharge (white, yellow or green colour) from the penis
  • Burning sensation or pain when passing urine
  • Itchiness or swelling at the foreskin area


  • Urine culture test for infection
  • Swab for any discharge to detect the type of infection


Your doctor may prescribe a course of antibiotics (and/or antibiotic injection) for BOTH you and your partner(s) and then advise you for a repeat urine test / swab after 2-3 months.  Remember, the condition is EASILY cured when you get treatment early so DON’T be fearful.  But it is VERY IMPORTANT to check that your treatment has been successful so make sure you have a follow-up visit with your doctor.

Do’s and Don’t’s

DO take precautions by using barrier contraception such as condoms

DO inform your partner(s) to have STD tests when you have been tested positive

DO NOT have unprotected sex with new partners

DO NOT have sex until at least 1 week after the end of your treatment

See your GP or Gynae doctor if you have burning sensation passing urine or unusual discharge

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