How do we hear?

Hearing is one our 5 basic senses which help us communicate with our fellow human beings and to be alert to dangers around us.  Our hearing system is divided into 3 parts;

Click to view Nemours video on How the Ear Works

  • Outer ear which funnels sound waves into ear via the pinna
  • Middle ear consists of the ear drum and 3 ossicles which turns the sounds into vibrations
  • Inner ear consists of the snail-like cochlear which contain hair-like cilia bathed in endolymph fluid.  The cilia converts these vibrations into nerve signals which is then transmitted by the auditory nerve into the brain.  The brain cells will then decode these vibrations into sounds which we recognise such as a person’s voice or our favourite music or song

Damage to any of the 3 parts will result in some form of hearing loss.  The type and extent of hearing loss can be measured by an audiometry hearing test

See your audiologist or ENT surgeon is your hearing is affected

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