Glue Ear

Glue ear is common in children and young adults caused by the accumulation of sticky fluid build up in the middle ear.  The fluid blocks the sound waves as well as impedes the function of the ear drum resulting in some loss of hearing.  It is more common in those having recurrent flu infection or living in areas with poor air quality and allergies to pollen and dust.


  • Hearing loss in the affected ear
  • Pressure or discomfort in the affected ear
  • Ringing sound in the affected ear
  • Tiredness or irritability
  • Sleep disturbance

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Initially, you may be prescribed decongestions, ear drops, nasal sprays or antibiotics.  Surgery using Grommets (also known as Tympanostomy  tubes) may be recommended if there is;

  • Persistent glue ear
  • Recurrent ear infection
  • Decreased hearing interfering with your child’s speech or learning

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Post-surgery Care

You may be prescribed antibiotics (and/or ear medication) after the surgery to reduce the risk of infection.  Your doctor may recommend a hearing test when the condition has completely resolved to assess your level of hearing.

Do’s and Don’t’s

DO keep your ear dry using silicone earplug or cotton ball coated with petroleum jelly during showering or bathing

DO keep your follow-up appointment to ensure good healing

DO NOT blow your nose

DO NOT clean your ears with cotton bud

See your ENT surgeon if your child has recurrent ear infections

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