Choosing between Relationship and Career Choice as Cabin Crew

The decision to become a Cabin Crew can be a potentially life-changing decision and as such you obviously need to give it some serious thought.  It may provide you with a fantastic opportunity to improve yourself as a person and get onto a career which has no limits. 

However, you may face some disapproval from your parents or your partner who may not like the idea of you being away a lot of the time.   Here are some positive affirmations as to why you should stick to your decision.


The first thing you should think about when trying to decide whether to follow your dream career or to listen to those around you is what motives do they have for preventing you from becoming a member of Cabin Crew.

  • Distance. There are even more jobs which require you to relocate at a further location and for a longer period of time! As a cabin crew, your turnaround time is getting faster as flight times are shorter with improved aircraft technology
  • Financial. You will be well compensated with generous allowances which allow you to save
  • Some of your friends will be secretly jealous of the opportunity to be able to travel and earn money at the same time.  Do not be distracted by them
  • Unknown challenges. If you are excited by a routine 9 to 5 job at the desk and the same office, day in and day out, then being cabin crew is not for you.  This job is unpredictable and exciting at the same time which is attractive to those who like challenges


Once you’ve managed to pin down a few of the motives behind your partner or your family not wanting you to embark on your new career choice, you can begin to work on a resolution.

  • You are able to see the world, thereby ticking off your bucket list as you work. This is a perk very few of your friends will be able to achieve
  • You will be able to get discounted flights or offers for your family members to join you
  • You will still be able to communicate with them using mobile phone technology (do also read our health article on Being Away from Home does not Ruin Relationships) thereby maintaining your relationship

You need to weigh up the pros and cons of you leaving or staying your job as cabin crew.  Will you regret NOT following your dream if your relationship then later breaks down? Or will you regret following your dream if it means an end to your relationship? 

Ultimately, you can follow your head as much as you like but if it’s not giving you any answers, you may need to follow your heart instead.

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