Tea & Talk session by Minda Kami is a casual gathering that brings together people of all background to talk about mental health and daily life struggles.


Minda Kami is a Malaysian-based youth mental health initiative formed by a group of passionate individuals who are concerned about the mental health issues in Malaysia. Minda Kami is formed with a mission to increase awareness about mental health. They provide platforms for discussions and establishing projects that will normalise conversations about mental health.


To learn more about Minda Kami, head to their website here.


Some of us find it hard to open up to people who are close to us while others want to open up and seek help but fear of being judged. Tea & Talk provides a safe space for people to talk about mental health in a warm and discrimination-free environment. The session usually takes place in cafes around the Klang Valley area and is limited to a small group which consist around 10 people. This is to ensure everyone gets a chance to listen and share.


Pleas note that the session is not intended to be an alternative to support groups/therapy. Instead, it’s a safe space for people to express their feelings, struggles and issues.


This time around, Teleme is pleased to collaborate with Minda Kami by bringing a clinical psychologist to lead the sharing session.


Ms Adlin Hamid, a clinical psychologist, who is onboard on Teleme led the session. Kudos to her time and effort! Ms Adlin has her own centre called Twenty-two: The Academy. The centre provides services such as clinical psychology, psychological assessment, programs and trainings and general service. General service is for any one that aims to learn new skills, improve their mental wellbeing and their of life.


The session took place in Teleme’s office and special thanks to Minda Kami for providing food and drinks for participants! Minda Kami is not supported by any governmental or private bodies and minimal funding is required to raise awareness through events and campaigns. You can help them by giving them a small token of appreciate in form of donation to help support them and read more on their past, on-going and future projects following the link below:

Go Fund Me: Minda Kami


In this session, participants are able to share their experience, feelings or any struggles with the help and advise from Ms Adlin. Participants are also able to get guidance from a clinical psychologist and meet new friends! All details will be kept confidential as Teleme  and Minda Kami would want to provide a safe space for people to talk. No judgement and no criticism.


The session is conducted in hope to give more emotional support to those in need. Don’t be afraid to seek for help from a professional be it for your own or family members and friends. Users can now consult any psychologist online at the comfort of their own without the need to step out from their house.

To consult Ms Adlin, download Teleme’s mobile app or click on the image below to start chatting with her.