Mind Stimulating Exercises for the Older Mind

As we age, all of us will gradually develop cognitive issues because our brain will not be as sharp or as powerful compared to our younger days.  Just as we exercise our body to keep healthy, it is just as important to keep their brain active to slow down the ageing process.

Here are some activities which might help and allow you (as a carer) and your older loved ones (like your parents or grandparents) to have fun and bond closer together.  The following mind stimulating activities can help improve memory, problem-solving and other cognitive functions.

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1. Recognise photos of famous film stars, famous people or friends and family

Show some photos and ask them to name photos of famous people or film stars who live in their era.  You can also go through their family album and talk about the people in the photos.  Ask them to share some stories related to the photos which can bring back memories during that time

2. Household chores

Doing house work like folding towels, knitting, sewing or laying the table for dinner helps them to relax.  The monotony of the tasks can be very soothing to the mind.

3. Chat with them regularly

Having conversations allow them to use many parts of their brain.  They need to focus and use both short and long term memory when chatting.  It is best to talk about topics they enjoy such as sports or food recipes.

4. Play some music from their era

Download some songs (and lyrics) from their era and play for them.  Sing along with them karaoke style and watch them have fun! Music can be mood uplifting and can bring out the best in people

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