Exercise for Older Adults

Research has shown that physical activity can contribute to longevity (adding extra years to your life) as well as adding life to your years!  Exercise is good for your heart, prevent weight gain, improves your mobility, boosts your immune system and is also good for your mood and memory.

The Otago Exercise Program is a list of 20 Exercises curated for the elderly to do regularly to keep  flexible and maintain strength.  Consult your doctor or physiotherapists before starting these exercises.  Try to do these exercises at the same time daily to keep a regular routine.  Always ensure that you are stable and steady when performing these exercises to prevent falling.  You may need to use a chair or table for support.

Click Cristine Henage Otago Exercise Program video to watch the exercises

1. One Leg Stand

2. Toe Walk

3. Knee Bends

4. Toe Raises

5. Heel Toes Stand

6. Sideways Walk

7. Heel Toe Walk

8. Calf Raises

9. Heel Toes Walk Backwards

10. Heel Walk

11. Side Hip Strength

12. Backwards Walk

13. Front Knee Strength

14. Stair Walk

15. Back Knee Strength

16. Sit to Stand

17. Head and Neck Turn

18. Head Thrust Forwards and Backwards

19. Toe Curls

20.  Walk and Turn

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