5 Stages of Change in Lifestyle Behaviour for a Better Health

Changing your usual habit may not be as easy as your think because old habits die hard.  Change is a process that involves 5 stages before it becomes your new normal.  There will be challenges or self doubts along the way.  You must truly believe in the reason for the change which is to protect yourself from serious health complications such as stroke or heart attack. 

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These are the 5 stages of change in lifestyle behaviour

Stage 1: Pre-Contemplation Stage

In this 1st stage, you will be thinking about change and how to get started although you are not ready yet.   You may start to read health articles or be told by friends or healthcare professionals that your unhealthy lifestyle may cause you to suffer problems later on in life.  (click https://blog.teleme.co/2020/02/19/types-of-diabetic-eye-disease-retinopathy/)

Stage 2: Contemplation Stage

By the 2nd stage, you will start to make plans to start the change by getting ready items such as buying sports shoes or changing your food choices.  You now believe that your overall health and energy level will really improve if you develop these new habits.

Stage 3: Preparation

You are now determined to change your old habits and take up exercise activities with your friends or change your food choices.  You make plans to change your lifestyle and start to set goals.

Stage 4: Action

You begin to see good results and feel better from this new change in your lifestyle because you are eating more healthy, doing exercise more regularly and getting better sleep.  However, there will be challenges which may affect this action stage such as having to cope with your office work or not having enough time.  Your friends or counsellor can help you at this stage by motivating you and helping your go back to your healthy routine.

Stage 5: Maintenance

After 6 months, the changes you made have become normal routine in your lifestyle.  You have established a network of friends who join you regularly in your exercise and healthy eating habits.  Congratulations in getting a new lifestyle change!

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