Chalazion and Stye

A chalazion is the result of the blockage of the Meibomian oil gland on the eyelid while a stye is caused by the blockage of an infected eyelash follicle gland.  They both result in a swelling on either the upper or lower eyelid.  They are common is children and teenagers as well as appearing in adults in later life. 


  • Lump on the eyelid which can be painful to touch
  • Feeling of pressure on the eye

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Although most resolve without any treatment, conservative treatment using warm compress can help make it go away faster.  Most resolve after 7-10 days.  For some that are too large or which do not resolve after 2 weeks, surgery using incision & curettage is recommended.  Oral antibiotics may be necessary if the surrounding eyelid is infected (known as pre-septal cellulitis).  Even after the surgery, you are still advised to do the warm compress to prevent recurrences

  • Apply warm face towel over the lump and massage gently for 5 minutes.  This helps to open up the blocked gland and allows the oil (or pus if the lump is infected) to flow out
  • Apply antibiotic eye ointment after the massage so that it can enter the gland through the open pore to treat or prevent infection
  • Repeat 2-3 times a day for 10-14 days (your eye doctor will advise your on the schedule)
  • Do NOT wear contact lenses or eye make up during this treatment period

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