What To Do When You Have A Stroke

A Stroke occurs when part of the brain cannot get blood (and oxygen) supply resulting in death of the brain cells causing loss of body function like speech, vision or muscle movement.

What you need to DO when someone has may have a Stroke can be easily remember using this acronym FAST

  • Facial muscle weakness on 1 side
  • Arm (and/or leg) weakness on 1 side
  • Slurred speech or drooping mouth with difficulty chewing or swallowing
  • Time to call an Ambulance or take them to a Hospital

Click to view StJohnAmbulance video on Symptoms of Stroke

While waiting for Help, here are some things you can do

  • Do NOT give the person anything to eat or drink because they may choke
  • Try to loosen their clothing and make the person comfortable
  • If the person is conscious, lie the person down with the weight on the unaffected side
  • Stay with the person until help arrives

There are new treatment options if the stroke is detected early (should be done within a few hours) but there are also some risks involved.  These treatment options include

  • Clot-busting medication using rTPA which should be given with 4.5 hours
  • Clot removal procedures should be done within 24 hours

Click to view NBC news on New Stroke Treatment

When you or your family members develop a Stroke, get the person taken to a Hospital with Stroke Treatment Facilities as soon as possible to have the opportunity for early intervention

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