Medication Treatment for Open Angle Glaucoma

Treatment is required when there is evidence of optic nerve damage and/or visual field loss due to glaucoma caused by eye pressures being too high in your eye.  Your ophthalmologist will discuss the treatment option most suitable for you. 

The goals of glaucoma treatment are to

  • maintain a target eye pressure most suitable for your eye (normal eye pressure is 10-21 mmHg)
  • reduce any further damage to your optic nerve
  • maintain and preserve your visual field (and prevent further loss of vision)

Click to view Glaucoma Australia video on How to install glaucoma eyedrops

Eye Drops Medication

All medications may have mild side effects so it is important to discuss with your ophthalmologist if you cannot tolerate the side effects from your glaucoma eyedrops.  Never change or stop taking your glaucoma medications without telling your ophthalmologist. Remember to get a prescription if you are going to travel abroad or away on holiday.

Class of MedicationGeneric NameBrand Names
Alpha AgonistBrimonidine 0.15%, 0.2%Alphagan Brimochek
 Apraclonidine 0.5%Iopidine
Beta BlockerTimolol 0.5%Betimolol Timolol Timolol-Pos Timoptol Timoptic Acculol Timo-comod Tiamol Timabak
 Levobunolol 0.5%Betagan
 Betaxolol 0.25%Betoptic-S
Carbonic AnhydraseDorzolamide2%Trusopt Lamisopt Truvex
 Brinzolamide 1%Azopt
Prostaglandin AnalogBimatoprost 0.01%Lumigan
 Latanoprost 0.005%Xalatan Lanotan Latacris Latandrops Latochek Prosdrop Xalavex
 Travoprost 0.004%Travatan
 Tafluprost 0.0015%Taflotan
CombinationDorzolamide 2% & TimololCosopt Covex Lamisopt Plus
 Brinzolamide & BrimonidineSimbrinza
 Travoprost & TimololDuotrav
 Brinzolamide & TimololAzarga
 Brimonidine & TimololBrimochek-T Combigan
 Bimatoprost & TimololGanfort
 Latanoprost & TimololXalacom Latochek-T Timovex
 Tafluprost & TimololTapcom

It is important to undergo Glaucoma Eye Examination by your eye doctor regularly (between every 3-6 months) to monitor your eye pressures (if you are at risk) and/or glaucoma control (if you are on glaucoma treatment).

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