Glaucoma Eye Screening Tests

The only sure way to diagnose glaucoma and monitor the effectiveness of your glaucoma treatment is with a complete eye examination by your eye doctor on a regular basis (around every 3-6 months). 

Click to view NUH video on What to Expect for a Glaucoma tests 

During a glaucoma exam, your eye doctor will:

  • measure your eye pressure with a tonometer (normal pressure is between 10-21 mmHg)
  • check your eye’s drainage angle
  • examine your optic nerve for glaucoma damage
  • determine your optic cup : disc ratio (normal ratio is < 0.5)

Source Research gate (Andre Marais)

You may also be required to perform these additional tests

  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scan of your optic nerve and optic disc
  • Automated perimetry to test your peripheral (side) visual field

This patient has arcuate shape visual field loss on each eye.  The diagram below shows how the visual field loss can progress until there is only tunnel vision remaining before eventually total blindness if the glaucoma is NOT TREATED

It is important to undergo Glaucoma Eye Examination by your eye doctor regularly (between every 3-6 months) to monitor your eye pressures (if you are at risk) and/or glaucoma control (if you are on glaucoma treatment)

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