Healthy Ageing: Social Engagement

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The second point for healthy ageing is social interaction. This basically means a connection between two human beings who have a relationship and friendship. Many social studies have shown that people who are closer to their spouse and children, who have stronger bond with relatives and friends, seem to be healthier and live longer. This could be due to the fact that humans are actually social beings and interaction with other humans probably has some influence on our mind and spirit.

The thousand centenarian study in Okinawa presented by Prof. Suzuki at the World Congress in Healthy Ageing in Kuala Lumpur few years ago, he explained the importance of social interaction and bonding as one of the important components for their longevity. These centenarians were still looked up to by the society and were still respected. They also had close relationships both with family and friends.

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Besides being with family or friends, social engagement can also come in form of volunteering by helping the less fortunate people. By participating in these activities, you can increase knowledge and meet new people and new friends. Besides that, it also increases one’s feel good factor by helping the society.

Remember that our health is in our hands and the choice is ours. Don’t neglect health until it’s too late.

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