The world is ageing. Called the “Greying of the Nations” our lifespan has almost doubled the last 100 years. Though people are living longer however the majority are not ageing well. Today people are getting chronic diseases, immune deficiencies, cancers and degenerative disorders that lead to immobility, isolation and depression. The number of nursing homes are increasing not only in Malaysia but all over the world. This is a sign of a crisis brewing.

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There is however a group of people in certain regions in the world who seem to be defying this. Collectively known as the Blue Zones, people living here seem to live longer and be disease free right till their old age.

Taking from what nature has thought us as seen in the Blue Zones and what science and technology is bringing to the table, I have come up with the 10 points to Healthy Ageing.

The 10 points are mentioned below and each one will be expanded on in the next write ups.

1) Have a purpose in life. Have dreams, goals and always keep your mind active.

2) Be socially engaged.

3) Nutrition. ‘Thy food is thy medicine and thy medicine  is thy food’ Hippocrates the father of modern medicine.

4) Exercise. The best buy in public health.

5) Managing your stress and having proper sleep.

6) Combating free radicals.

7) Strengthening your immune system.

8) Balancing your hormones.

9) The future – DNA, Stem cells and Telomere.

10) The future – Nanotechnology and Artificial Intelligence.

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Dato' Dr. Rajbans Singh

Dato' Dr. Rajbans Singh

Wellness & Anti-Ageing Consultant