Breast Mammogram: What To Expect

A mammogram uses a low-dose X-ray to see inside the breasts to help doctors detect and diagnose breast diseases. It is recommended that mammogram should be performed every 2 years on women from the age of 50 to 74 years or earlier and more frequently if you have high-risk factors for developing breast cancer like family history or BRCA gene positive.

You should also see a doctor and have a mammogram if you detect an unusual lump in your breast during your routine monthly breast self-examination (also read Breast Self-Examination”).

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How to prepare for a mammogram

  • The best time for a mammogram is one week after your period. This is because your breast may be tender just before your period
  • Inform the doctor or technician if there is any possibility that you are pregnant
  • Do NOT wear deodorant, talcum powder or lotion under your arms or on your breasts on the day of the mammogram because it may appear as white spots on the X-ray
  • Wear a separate top from your skirt or trousers to make it easy to do the mammogram

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