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When we discuss ageing issues the first thing that comes to our mind are the physical issues. However we humans actually should look at ageing from the perspective of Mind, Body and Spirit. We actually are a combination of this three ‘things’. The Spirit I talk of here is really our Purpose. I will define Purpose as simply the reason we were born. All of us are unique and each one of us has our own unique purpose.

However a lot of people go through life without ever finding out their purpose. Sometimes I agree it can be difficult. Most of us go through life like been on a treadmill and been stuck in our daily rut. Our purpose can be something unique to us. How do you know what is your purpose? It will be something that excites you when you think about it. You feel happy when you are doing it and will do it even if you do not get paid for it.

Why is purpose important for healthy ageing? I have seen that purpose driven people seem to age better. In addition, it drives you to get up in the morning to complete your tasks. There are enough studies to show that people who retire too early and have nothing to do and do nothing have shorter life spans. Be it a hobby or any activity, do something even if you have retired. Always have new dreams and new goals to achieve.

So, if we still do not know what is our purpose, then just start with dreams and goals. Your dreams can be materialistic in the beginning and goals can be put in place to achieve them. Again your dreams and goals must be specific. There are enough books written on these subjects and you can read them but never under estimate the power of the mind in healthy ageing.

Keeping the mind active is also a key element in healthy ageing. Mental stimulation keeps the deadly disease Alzheimer’s away. Always keep your mind active by reading and engaging in mental activities. That’s why having Dreams, Goals and a Purpose will keep you active both mentally and physically. This helps to release the right chemicals and hormones in your body that will energize you and keep you feeling younger. People with dreams, goals and a purpose also are more happy and less at risk from loneliness and depression.

So in your quest for longevity and ageing well, remember that that your Mind and Spirit are the most important and you need to get them right before you even look at the physical elements.

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