Why Should You Get Health Screenings

There’s no other difference between our health and business, we need to know the numbers. There are many other vital metrics that you should monitor even though you’re using the scale as the primary way to measure your fitness.

Having said that, most of us will go about our lives until something goes wrong, we will only visit the doctor or to the ER when we feel really sick.

No one would care about your health as much as you do, so it’s important to be proactive with your health. Some diseases can actually be prevented by a healthy lifestyle. As for the impacts of other diseases that cannot be prevented can be reduced when we find out at an early stage, which is why you should get yourself an annual health screening.

What is Health Screening?

Health screenings are the use of simple blood tests that are able to identify if individuals have risk factors or early stages of diseases but do not yet have symptoms.

 Why is Health Screening Important?

1. You might not be as healthy as you think

Here’s the thing, some diseases do not have recognisable symptoms at an early stage. Health screening can help find health problems before they even start.

When detected early, the success rates of treatments and cures are significantly higher. You’re taking steps to live a longer and healthier life by getting the right health services and screenings.


Having regular blood tests will make it much easier on your doctors to identify and pinpoint any medical issues and any further steps that should be taken.

Think of this scenario: you’ve fallen sick, you’ve an appointment with a doctor and you’re asked to get your blood tested during the first consultation. You then have to wait hours or days for the laboratory to send your results to the doctor and then you’ll have to make repeated trips to discuss the results. (Phew! Sounds tiring doesn’t it?)    


Preventive health care costs less than treatments. For instance, the cost of a flu jab is minor compared to the cost of getting the flu, whether in treatment costs or loss of your time while recovering from being ill.

The savings increase significantly when you are able to identify and treat major conditions and diseases when detected during the early stages.

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