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If you’ve read my previous article and you’re looking to get started on HIIT, here’s a 20 minute beginner’s guide you can follow. It is a combination of 5 sets of movements – and you have to do as many reps per movement within 50 seconds, followed by a 10 seconds break. I can assure you, your heart’s gonna be pumpin’ but you’ll feel really good post-workout!

EXERCISE #1: Jump Squats


Do as many jump squats as you can within 50 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Stand in a position whereby your legs are slightly wider than your shoulder width and keep your shoulders back. Jump into a half squat position and repeat. This is an excellent workout for your quads. gluteals, lower back and quadriceps.

EXERCISE #2: Shoulder Taps




Do as many shoulder taps as you can within 50 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Go into a push up position and start tapping your shoulders. Ensure your hips are square to the ground, and avoid swaying from side to side. If you’re unable to hold your weight up, you can improvise by having your knees rested on the ground instead. Work ’em abs and shoulders!

EXERCISE #3: Bicycle Crunches



Bicycle crunch as many times as possible within 50 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Keep your hands behind your ears, extend one leg out and keep it off the ground (this works your lower abs). Bend the other leg towards you and reach your opposite elbow to the knee to touch and vice versa. Remember, your shoulders have to be off the ground as you should not be lying down.

EXERCISE #4: Side-to-Side Touch Down

touch-down-hiit-teleme50 seconds of side-to-side touch down, followed by 10 seconds of rest. You’re going to be touching down right in front of you. Kick your right foot out to the side whilst you use your right arm to reach out to your left foot, and then jump to switch sides.

EXERCISE #5: High Knees


Do as many high knees within 50 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Imagine running at the same spot, but you want to get your knees as high up as possible. A good gauge would be to have your knees up pass your belly button. By doing this, you’re working your glutes, calves and quadriceps!

And there you have it – the beginners guide to a HIIT workout. If this is your first time, take your time and don’t push yourself too hard. You want your body to get used to the movements! Do the workout a couple of times until you feel you are ready to transition into a more advanced level!

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