Wound Dressing for Skin Ulcers

Diabetic wound ulcers generally take longer to heal because of several factors such as poor diabetic control, peripheral neuropathy or peripheral arterial disease.  A biofilm (described as a colony of bacteria found inside a polysaccharide matrix on top of a wound surface) is more likely to develop if exudate management is poor.  Biofilm can delay wound healing and predispose to microbial infections in a chronic open wound.    

Different types of dressings may be used by your healthcare practitioner depending on the type of wound that you have.  It is important to have regular wound dressings in the management of a diabetic ulcer because they;

  • Help prevent dirt or infection from getting in
  • Stop bleeding and encourage clot formation
  • Absorb excess fluid or plasma
  • Encourage wound healing by disrupting the biofilm layer
  • Help ease the pain

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A dressing is made of up several components.  These components are important because they all help with the healing process;

  • hydrophobic outer layer protects outside contamination
  • hydrophilic inner foam provides moisture or cooling effect
  • autolytic debridement (digests dead or necrotic tissue)
  • absorb plasma or wound discharge
  • anti-microbial activity

If diabetic wound is left untreated, infection can develop and progress to the stage of gangrene which may require amputation.  Do seek help from a Wound Care Nurse Practitioner, Pharmacist or Doctor to help you with your wound dressings.  Your caregiver or family member can also be guided by your Health Practitioner to care for your wound. 

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