Warm up and Cool down exercises before and after your daily exercises

All high performance professional sports athletes go through a warming up and cooling down routine before and after their training.  This is important because this routine helps to reduce the risk of injury and improve their athletic performance.  The routine usually involves some gentle activities performed at a slow pace and at low intensity.  It is advisable to include this set of exercises in your routine whether you are just going for brisk walking or high intensity exercises.  The benefits include;

  • Reduction of muscle or joint soreness
  • Prevention of ligament or muscle injury
  • Increased muscle and ligament flexibility
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Warming Up

Warm up exercises prepare your body for aerobic activity BEFORE you start your sport or exercise routine.  Most warm up sessions consist of simple cardiovascular exercises and stretching activities. These exercises are designed to increase blood circulation, increase body temperature and bring your heart rate up, while the muscle stretching prepares them for the more intense exercises which will follow after the warm up.  As the muscles and ligaments warm up, they allow for greater flexibility and range of motions.  It also gets the body ready to turn fat and carbohydrates into energy (and prevent anaerobic metabolism which can cause muscle cramps).  The duration of your warm up routine will depend on how intensely you plan to exercise but in general, usually 5 and 10 minutes should be sufficient.

Click to view LucySquad video on Warm Up Routine

For those who are at a higher level of fitness or will be doing running or cycling, you may like to follow this more intense warm up routine.

Click to view Movement Studio video on Warm Up Routine before a Run

Cooling Down

It is equally important to perform some cool down exercises AFTER your exercises because it helps your body to return gradually to your pre-exercise heart rate and blood pressure.  This helps to prevent muscle stiffness when you sleep at night. 

Click to view LucySquad video on Cool Down Exercises

Warming Up and Cooling Down exercises should be included in your sport or exercise routine. By doing so, you would reduce the risk of muscle or ligament injury and also improve your performance just like how professional athletes train. 

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