How to Breastfeed comfortably

It is important that your breastfeeding experience is comfortable and enjoyable so that you have time to bond positively with your baby.  Here are some tips to help you achieve that.


  • Always sit comfortably with your back and neck well supported on a chair
  • Have the baby supported and the head at your breast level
  • The baby’s ear, shoulder and hip should be in alignment
  • Your nipple should be pointing towards the baby’s nose
  • Always reposition the baby and NOT the breast
  • Comfortable positions include the CROSS CRADLE and FOOTBALL HOLD

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Successful Latch

A successful latch will have the following signs

  • The baby’s mouth is wide mouth
  • The angle of the corner of the mouth is between 130-150 degrees
  • The baby’s chin is touching the breast
  • The baby’s head is tilted slightly back
  • The baby’s nose is NOT touching the breast

If the mouth or nose is in the wrong position, remember to reposition the baby and NOT your breast.  Remember to pump your breast milk regularly to prevent breast engorgement or blocked ducts.

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How often should you express breastmilk?

ScenarioDuration & FrequencySuggested mode
New-born unable to suck colostrum5-10 minutes every 1-2 hoursExpress by hand using Marmet technique
To increase milk production20 minutes every 2 hours (at least 6 times a day)By hand or using pump
To soften the areola3-4 times a dayApply reverse pressure softening with your fingers
To clear blocked ductApply compress (cold if painful, warm if no pain)By hand
Working mother away from your baby15-30 minutes every 2-3 hoursUsing pump (ideally double electric pump)

Discuss with your doctor or lactation therapist if you

have trouble breast feeding your child

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