Updated on November 30, 2020

Child Separation Anxiety: Tips for Dropping at School or Childcare

Separation anxiety is the feeling of distress or fear when a child is separated from the primary caregiver (usually from one or both parents).  All parents will go through the process of separating from the child either at the childcare centre or later at school.  Some children make the transition quite effortless while others take a bit more time. 

Here are some tips to help the transition less emotionally painful for both parents and child.

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1. Prepare your child for Change early

Get the child minder to come to your house to get acquainted with your child by playing in the familiar environment of your home.  Gradually, leave the childminder alone with your child at your home for a period of time and gradually for a few hours.  Hopefully, your child will be ready to go to the childcare centre with the familiar face of the childminder.

2. Have the same routine before dropping your child off to School or Childcare

Try to wake up with plenty of time to get ready in a calm manner.  Do not rush or make a big fuss but make the getting ready part fun and effortless.

3. Talk to them about plans after school

Share some fun things you could be doing with your child after school so that there is something to look forward to. 

4. Do not sneak away

Always say goodbye but make it simple and consistent so that the child knows you are leaving.  Do NOT sneak away otherwise there may be a loss of trust in the future.  Make sure you are punctual when you pick the child up later. 

Consult with a Therapist if your child has any of these issues.

Early intervention has better chances of success

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