How to Overcome Challenges During your Lifestyle Behavioural Change

Changing your usual habit may not be as easy as your think because old habits die hard.  Change is a process that involves 5 stages before it becomes your new normal.  During this process of change, you will encounter some challenges. Don’t rush the process.  Make small changes during each step.  Think of it as an gradual evolution rather than an immediate resolution.

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1. Make the Changes Small and Manageable

Make the goals small and manageable.  You should change one behaviour at a time because you can stay focus and committed to that one task.

2. Keep Track of your Progress

Start tracking everything or measure progress no matter how small.  Tracking and recording your change is an effective way for you to see your progress and stay motivated.  Take photographs of your food.  Keep track of your weight and your blood test results.

3. Get your friends or family involved

Try to Involve a a friend, office colleague or family member to participate with you in the activities to keep you motivated.  Doing physical activities such as walking or yoga is definitely more fun than doing by yourself.  Do join a support or interest group because having someone with whom to share similar interest makes the activity easier and more fun.

4. Be Kind to Yourself

Remember the making lifestyle change takes time so be patient.  Remember that no one is perfect so be kind to yourself and don’t give up. When you eat something sweet or miss an exercise class, don’t be angry at yourself.  Try to be better the next day and celebrate each successful goal you achieve.  To be successful in completing all 5 stages of change, you need to have both the commitment and motivation to make this change.  Your friends and health practitioners will be here to help you along your journey and overcome challenges every time you face them.

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