Breast Biopsy

A breast biopsy is performed to obtain a small sample of tumour tissue for the Histopathologist to examine using a variety of stains.  The biopsy can be done using a core-needle biopsy or surgical biopsy.  The results will be able to provide the following information;

  • Whether the lesion is malignant or benign
  • Which type of breast cancer (ductal or lobular or stromal) and the cancer grade
  • Hormone Receptor Assay to check Estrogen Receptor or Progesterone Receptor status (the result will determine whether the cancer is ER+ or PR+)
  • Immuno-Histo-Chemistry analysis of HER-2 status (this protein presence is suggestive of more rapid tumour cell growth)

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Patients are recommended to have the Triple Assessment for the diagnosis of breast cancer;

  • Clinical Assessment by your breast doctor
  • Imaging such as mammogram and/or ultrasound
  • Pathology (cytology and/or histology)

The information from the Assessment allows your surgeon and oncologist to be able to;

  • Classify and grade your breast cancer type
  • Arrange suitable treatment plan
  • Choose the optimum timing and order for your treatment options
  • Estimate the duration of your entire treatment
  • Offer hormonal treatment for ER+ cancer

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