How to use a Nasal Spray

A lot of medications to treat the nose and sinuses are delivered using nasal sprays such as decongestants, saline spray or steroids.  Before you use the spray, blow and clear your nose with a tissue and wash your hands with soap and water.

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How to Apply Nasal Spray

Step 1. Hold the spray with 1 hand while blocking the other nostril with your other hand

Step 2. Angle the tip BACKWARDS towards the middle of your head

Step 3. Press the spray and inhale gently to allow the medication into your nasal passage. Avoid blowing your nose for a few minutes after using the spray

Do’s and Don’t’s

DO follow the instructions from your doctor or pharmacist

DO inform your doctor if you develop nose bleed or pain

DON’T allow the tip of the nasal spray to touch anything dirty

DON’T share your nasal spray with anyone else

See your ENT doctor if your symptoms are not getting better

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