How to Cope with your Emotions during your Cancer Journey

When you get diagnosed with cancer, you will feel a range of emotions which may vary over time.  How you feel in the beginning may change during your treatment and after your treatment has finished.

You may ask questions such as

  • Why me?
  • Am I going to die?
  • What if it comes back?
  • How will I look after the treatment?
  • Will I be able to get my life back again?
  • How will my spouse and family treat me?
  • Will I still be liked or respected by my colleagues and friends?

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When you are trying to come to terms with your condition, there is no right or wrong way to feel. Everyone is different and you will deal with things in your own way and in your own time.  Some days may be worse than others, but all these feelings are completely normal

So don’t worry too much about expressing and sharing your real emotions.  Talk to your friends and family about how you really feel.  There is no need to feel ashamed or afraid during this life journey.

Chat with a Cancer Counsellor online to share your concerns or worry about your health condition

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