Being Away from Home Does Not Ruin Relationships

Although being in the aviation business means a lot of time physically in different countries away from home, it does not mean that your relationship with your partner and family should suffer.

There are also many jobs involving shift work (nurse, doctors, hotel and hospitality service industry) or sales meetings away in different towns (but within the same country) which makes time together just challenging. You should never have to be in a position where you have to choose between being a cabin crew and being in a happy relationship.

This job is usually perceived as you have to be ‘away all the time’ but in reality, the amount of time away is actually not much longer than a person spending time at the office. The main difference is that you are not physically in the same country.

It is not the cabin crew life that makes being in a relationship hard. According to a study from the Journal of Communication, approximately three million Americans have lived apart from their spouse at some point during their marriage and 75% of college students have been in a long distance relationship.

Same level of satisfaction

The research has even shown that long-distance couples tend to have more or less the same level of satisfaction in their relationships than normal couples living together.

Your partner needs to love you and fully accept what you do for your career. Just because you are not physically here does not mean you cannot keep in touch.  Avoid bad thoughts such as jealousy, cheating, lying or taking each other for granted. Technology has allowed us to communicate at any time and anywhere. 

In fact, a survey has shown that the average long-distance couple will send each other 343 texts every week and spend eight hours a week talking on the phone or video chatting. 

Over half of the people surveyed said that their time apart actually made them feel closer to their partner in the long run, while seven out of ten said that they actually talked to their partner more during their time apart.

Keeping your romance alive

Here are some tips when using messaging technology to keep your romance alive:

  • Inform them when you have arrived safely in a new place
  • Show them the new foods you are eating. Sharing details is important to get the other person involved with you
  • Say something nice before you sleep. This scheduling of ‘goodnight communications’ either by video call or messaging makes it feel like you are both going to bed together
  • Bring something nice home to share (it does not need to be expensive)
  • Make definite plans to do fun things together when you do see each other so that there are events to look forward to
  • Set clear rules and boundaries as to what each of you can do with other people as not to make the situation uncomfortable or trust element being tested

In other words, with mobile phone technology, you can continue to do and say as you would, as if the person was next to you!

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