It’s easy to avoid someone coughing or sneezing but what to do when you’re stuck in a long haul with a crowd of coughing and sneezing passengers in a small space? Also, a healthy adult can be contagious with the flu for up to 7 days before showing any signs of the illness. Here are some ways to help you to sidestep potential infection.

1) Carry antibacterial wipes and hand sanitiser

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Wipe down things like airplane bathroom faucets, the armrests, tray tables and other things touched by those who were there before you to prevent infection.

2) Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough with a tissue or with your elbow

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3) Wash your hands often

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Wash your hands often – especially after touching ATM buttons, airline check-in screens, handrails, elevator buttons, even money – with soap and water or hand sanitiser.

4) Keep your hands away from your face

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5) Stay hydrated

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6) Turn off the overhead air jets at your airplane seat to avoid having all those germs blowing around.

7) Avoid jet-lag which can weaken your immune system by getting plenty of good sleep.

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When you feel tired while travelling, it’s your body’s way of saying you need a break so take heed and get a nap.

8) Continue to take your vitamins especially vitamins C and D which are critical for the immune system and for your overall health.

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