There’s a common misconception that the flu is the same as a cold. Both are respiratory illnesses sharing the same symptoms but they are actually caused by different viruses.┬áSo if you feel you’re coming down with something while you’re on a trip, don’t panic. It may be just an ordinary cold which can be easily treated.

It’s important to know the difference between flu and cold symptoms so that the illness can be treated accordingly.

Flu may be seasonal in colder climates but in the tropics, influenza circulates year-round. Hence, it makes sense that year-round protection against influenza is a must for travellers.

Currently, there are four strains of flu viruses commonly circulating worldwide among people today – two influenza A strains and two influenza B strains. However, the influenza virus is constantly changing so last year’s vaccine may not work this year.


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A traveller’s best defence against the flu is to get vaccinated every year. Consult a Vaccination Practitioner on Teleme’s app today.


 Dr. Suraya

Dr. Suraya

Vaccination Practitioner (Adult)