It’s important to maintain a balanced diet during Ramadan. Here’s some tips to keep yourself healthy during the holy month.

1. Stay Hydrated

There may be a risk of getting dehydrated if you don’t drink enough water before or after fasting and that could be the toughest part during ramadan. It’s important to drink enough water to keep your body functioning or else it will lead to dizziness, headaches and fatigue. As much as we love coffee or tea, these drinks have to be avoided because they contain caffeine and it causes flush from our body which then increase thirst. Remember to drink at least 2 to 3 glasses of water before your fasting begins.

2. Avoid Oily Food

Junk food or fried food are tasty which makes you overeat. Junk or fried food are either too salty, too sweet or too spicy but hardly contain any nutrition, they’re also difficult to digest which can lead to various health problems. Instead of having oily parathas or samosas for suhoor, go for a whole wheat roti with some fruits as alternative.

3. Stay Away from Sugar!

Sugar causes dehydration and makes fasting even more difficult. Sugar gives empty calories without nutritional benefits and will also lead to overeating.

4. Consume Fibre

They’re slower to digest hence keeping you filled up. Including fibre in your meal keeps your gut moving.

5. Do Gentle Exercises

Consider something like yoga when you’re fasting. By doing it allows you to stretch, relax and meditate during your exercise. If you’d like to work out or do cardio, consider doing so after you break fast.

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