My dad recently complained about a persisting aching shoulder joint, and I began to worry about how severe it was getting. After researching a little, I found out that the right doctor to fix my dad’s condition would be a Rheumatologist.

What does a Rheumatologist treat? Anything related to painful, swelling, stiff, deformed and aching joints, muscles, and bones.

Treat That Aching Joint

If you or a family member have a similar condition, feel free to talk to Dr. Benjamin Cheah, our resident Rheumatologist with over 15 years of practice. You don’t even have to take the day off to go to the hospital for a consultation, because you can talk to him online! And I’ve got to say, he’s extremely nice. So go ahead, and ask him any questions you have about that aching knee or shoulder pain.


It’s that simple. Remember, joint damage can occur if the symptoms of join aches and pains are ignored or not treated properly over a period of time.

I’m making sure my dad gets the right treatment to prevent damage from setting in. You can too!

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