How to use Teleme’s mobile app

A) Create an account on Teleme (Sign up)

For new users, create a new account on Teleme. Input your name, email address, phone number and password. Password length must be at least 8 characters.


Next, you’ll be directed to your dashboard. Click on the top-right link to get tutorial/guide on how to use Teleme’s features.

From the dashboard, you are able to use Teleme’s features:

  1. Find me a doctor: Connects you to a suitable doctor for your health conditions or when you’re in need of medical advices
  2. Search Practitioner: Directory of health practitioners which allows you to search based on their names and specialty
  3. Healthtips: Articles for help and guidance based on specific health conditions. Link and access to consult the appropriate health practitioner based on the specific health conditions is provided at the end of the article
  4. Messenger: This feature allows you to communicate, attach pictures or documents to send to your doctors or other healthcare practitioners
  5. Profile: View your medical journey



1. Find me a doctor

When to use?
i) You’re feeling unwell but don’t know which doctor you should seek for.
ii) You have doubts on your health conditions and want to get medical advices.

2. Search Practitioner

When to use?
i) You’re looking for a doctor you may know.
ii) You’re seeking for a particular specialist for your conditions.

3. Messenger

When to use?
i) You want to communicate with your own practitioners.
ii) You want to follow up with your practitioners about your conditions or vice versa.