Grief with Cancer Diagnosis

It is normal to experience grief when you get diagnosed with cancer. Whether the loss you’re experiencing is tangible (such as the loss of a body part or the side effects of cancer treatment) or intangible (loss of independence or confidence), grief can occur anytime before, during and after cancer treatment.

It is common to try to brush aside the feeling of grief and to want the process to be over as quickly as possible. Nonetheless, it is important to allow yourself to grieve and face the emotions head on by being prepared for the journey ahead.

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Regardless of the type of cancer, the stages of the grieving process are similar.

  • Shock & Denial (initially you may be in denial that you have cancer)
  • Anger (you may feel angry or unfair that it was you who got cancer)
  • Bargaining (you feel scared or vulnerable and try to seek different opinions about your diagnosis)
  • Sadness & Loneliness (as reality sinks in, you will feel sad or isolated because the treatment side-effects may not be very pleasant)
  • Acceptance (after a while you will find peace to accept the cancer and move on successfully)

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