Updated on October 28, 2020

Grief During & After Cancer Treatment

When you have cancer, you may be thinking about your mortality or even death known as antipathy grief.  You may worry about what will happen to your children or not being able to see them graduate or enjoy seeing your grandchildren growing up.  You may also experience other emotions such as not being able to work or participate in physical sporting activities or return to work as well as financial issues.

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Regardless of the type of cancer, the principles of the overcoming and beating the disease are the same.

  • Accept the reality of the cancer and accept your feelings towards it
  • Allow yourself space and time to experience the pain and grief
  • Focus your energy on what you can control and change
  • Take control by eating healthy and doing physical activities
  • Learn to adjust to a new you
  • Practice mindfulness as well as meditation every morning when you wake up
  • Reach out to connect with professional counsellors or cancer survivor support groups
  • Don’t let cancer stop you from living your life but instead reflect and think what plans you can make for your second chance in life
  • Remember to be kind to yourself and put your needs first
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