The Road to Cancer Recovery

Advancements in medical technology of cancer detection and treatment, has led to an increase in the number of people surviving and living with cancer for longer periods of time. Many people diagnosed with cancer can now live a long time after treatment.

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Cancer survivor’ means different things to different people. For some, a cancer survivor is anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer. Others use the term to refer to people who are alive many years after their cancer treatment.  The transition from patient to survivor is different for everyone. Some see themselves as a survivor when they become free from signs of cancer while others see themselves as a survivor when they have finished their cancer treatment.

Survivors may expect life to return to what it was like before the cancer diagnosis. For many people though, it may not be so simple. The reality is often more emotionally and physically complex.

Here are some tips to help you:

  • Keep a diary: Writing down your thoughts might help in expressing your feelings.  Do not bottle up your anxiety or worries
  • Do things at your own pace: Avoid pressure to make decisions or start new activities straight away. Plan rest time between activities
  • Stay connected: Keep in touch with the world through work, hobbies or time spent with your family and friends. Try not to withdraw or isolate yourself from people
  • Share your thoughts: Discuss your feelings and worries with your family and friends
  • Pick up a hobby: Practise some form of relaxation such as meditation, visualisation, yoga or deep breathing
  • Join a support group: Speaking with other cancer survivors may help you cope and make you feel more optimistic about your future

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