Varicose Veins: Conservative Treatment & Stockings

Treatment is necessary when there are symptoms of itching, bleeding or swelling. Type of treatment required depends of the severity of the varicose veins.

Health tips you can do by yourself when you have varicose veins

Mild or early stage varicose veins can be improved by:

  • Doing regular exercise by brisk walking or light jogging daily
  • Reducing your weight if you are overweight
  • Elevating the affected leg when resting
  • Avoiding crossing your legs when sitting
  • Taking short breaks every 60 minutes of sitting to move your legs
  • Using compression stockings during the day. These stockings are tight on the ankle (ankle pressure 20-30 mmHg) and squeeze the venous blood towards the heart when you walk. They improve calf muscle function, compress the varicose veins and reduce venous reflux. Stockings are useful for varicose veins which occur during pregnancy and for after varicose vein ablation, laser or surgery.
Watch a video on how to measure for compression stockings
Watch a video on how to put on compression stockings

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