Healthy Plate Method for Diet Planning

The Healthy Plate Method is a simple and effective way to help you plan your meals.  It helps you control the portion sizes of carbohydrate-containing foods (this food category causes your blood glucose to go up) while putting more focus on the amount of green vegetables and lean protein.  You can use the Healthy Plate Method with your nutritionist, dietician, nurse or doctor to achieve your health goals for Diabetic Control as well as Weight Loss or Maintenance.

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The Healthy Plate Method is based on a 9-inch (around 22 cm) diameter plate. Do not put too much food on each section because it means you are taking more calories than your body needs. 

  • Vegetables (1/2 plate)
  • Protein (1/4 plate)
  • Carbohydrate (1/4 plate)

You can take photos of each meal for one whole day to share with your Health Practitioner what you eat on typical day. (this is called a Food Diary).  You can then discuss with them how to improve or customise your diet based on your health condition.

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