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Handle Stress

Practice the 4 A’s of Stress Management

While stress is an automatic response from your nervous system, some stressors arise from expected situations such as … Read More

Sleep Tips

Healthy Sleep Tips

Being thrown off your sleep schedule for even a day or two can have negative effects on your … Read More

Work Shifts

New Shift Work Hours? How to Reset Your New Sleep Schedule

Most people have a regular sleep schedule (also read our article on Healthy Sleep Tips) whereby you sleep … Read More

Meditation Mind

Meditation to Help You Sleep

Tiredness or feeling sleepy during work time can affect your productivity, mental state and physical health. Research suggests … Read More

Anxiety & Stress

Meditation for Stress and Anxiety

Mindfulness meditation has become more popular in recent years to help people cope with stress, anxiety, insomnia and … Read More

Food for Flights

Diet for People Taking Long Flights

A long flight can be a tiring and taxing experience.  As such, you should try to keep healthy … Read More

Cabin Crew

Dating 101 for Cabin Crew: How to Make Relationships Work With Your Partner

Let’s be honest, relationships are hard. In most circumstances where we have 9 to 5 jobs, juggling our … Read More

Cabin Crew

Choosing between Relationship and Career Choice as Cabin Crew

The decision to become a Cabin Crew can be a potentially life-changing decision and as such you obviously … Read More

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