Sleep Disorders

The normal sleep cycle consists 4 stages of non-REM sleep cycles and 1 cycle of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep throughout the night.

Five Positive Ways to Manage Stress

You can’t avoid stress in your daily life but you can manage it. Don’t ignore stress as stress can lead to major health problems and it affects your health mentally and physically.

Study on User Experience with E-Counseling

E-counseling appears to address a number of significant barriers (i.e. convenience, affordability, and accessibility) that sometimes prevent face-to-face counseling from being effective.

Practitioner in the Spotlight: Dr Khairi Rahman

If you’re going through a stage in life where you can’t function well or feel good, professional help can make a difference. Always know that you’re not alone when you’re facing difficulties or problems in life.

Affordable Ways to Invest in Mental Health

Thank you Focus Malaysia for featuring Teleme on affordable ways to invest in mental health. An excellent write up by Focus Malaysia on mental health.

How can one seek help from mental health professional if it’s expensive?

Stress Management

It’s almost impossible to avoid stress in your daily life. You’re bound to meet your work targets, pay bills and fulfil family responsibilities.

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is a normal emotional experience and everyone will experience some form of anxiety at any point in their life. Public speaking, taking an exam…

3 Techniques to Relate Better

One of the areas which causes emotional friction for many people is Relating With Others. Unless we mindfully and consciously make note of addressing…

Depression Around You: See, Spot, Help

Depression does not discriminate or differentiate. It can affect anyone around us thus it is our responsibility to know and be aware of the conditions and specific symptoms of the different types of depressive disorders.

True Story: How I Battled Depression & Anxiety

Everyone has a story of how they came to be the person they are today. My name is Brenda and my struggle began in 2007 at the age of fourteen. Before I begin sharing the details, I have to express what I now know but failed to see back then.

15 Signs Of Depression You Should Be Aware Of

I’ve come to realise one thing, we don’t talk enough about mental health illnesses here in Malaysia. Therefore, I thought of getting the ball rollin’ and address the elephant in the room. It’s about time we shed some…