PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome and Fertility Series Part 3

In the last 2 parts of this series, you have come to know more about PCOS and what are the health consequences of PCOS. The last thing that is left is how to take your step to fight back. You must take the first step in this journey towards freedom from PCOS.

10 Myths About Palliative Care

Palliative care is a multidisciplinary approach to specialised medical, dietary, physiotherapy and nursing care for people with life-limiting illnesses such as end-stage cancer or stroke or conditions requiring long term care such as Parkinson’s disease or dementia.

Age and Fertility in Male

A woman’s chances to get pregnant decline with advancing age. As for men, we used to think that he can reproduce as long as he can produce sperm. That’s not the entire truth. Men’s fertility also decline with age.

What is Infertility?

If you have difficulty to get pregnant after having unprotected sexual intercourse with your partner over the last 1 year, you may have problem with infertility.

Normal Fertility

Female reproductive organs consist of uterus (womb), Fallopian tubes and ovary. The uterus / womb is a hollow,peared-shaped organ with thick muscular wall.

Sleep Disorders

The normal sleep cycle consists 4 stages of non-REM sleep cycles and 1 cycle of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep throughout the night.

One at a Time

Conceiving a child and procreating is a natural human tendency. Many of us are blessed with children. However, some couples do face obstacles in their journey towards parenthood.

Hydrocele and Inguinal Hernias in Children

Hernias and hydrocoeles are the commonest conditions seen by paediatric surgeons as they occur in about 3-5% of children. The cause for both these conditions is the failure of the processus vaginalis to close before or just after birth

Biliary Atresia

Biliary Atresia is a progressive inflammatory fibrosis of the biliary tract and the disease starts in the extra hepatic bile ducts and extends into the…


Hypospadias is a congenital birth defect whereby the opening of the urethra (where the urine comes out off) is on the underside of the penis instead of…

Peripheral Arterial Disease

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) occurs when there is a cholesterol plaque on the blood vessel walls causing them to narrow resulting in reduced circulation to the upper and more commonly lower limbs.

Diet for Diabetes

A diabetic meal plan is a healthy eating plan which consists of balance nutrition in the right amount of calorie requirement and the right amount of food types.

Silent Pain: Endometriosis (Part 1)

Endometriosis is a condition where the cells of the uterus (womb) lining (endometrium) is found outside of the womb. Endometriosis is often associated…

Irregular Period

Absent or irregular periods are periods that do not happen at all or that happen less than 6 to 8 times a year. If a woman does not get her period for…

Fertility Tests Simplified

Have you ever gone through a fertility assessment before? For those who had done it , you know that it can initially look very complicated with all those…

Basic First Aid Tips for Parents

Every child will definitely experience some falls and minor accidents which growing up. Here are some simple first aid techniques that every parent…

Common Contraception Myths

We have all heard about different ways to prevent pregnancy from friends, family and the social media. Every culture across the world has their own…

Types of Contraception

There are up to many types of contraception available, which means there is definitely one right for you! So discuss with your doctor to help you get the..

How Much Should We Exercise Daily?

For normal healthy people, the general recommendation is for at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. Regular aerobic activity, such as…

How Can Palliative Care Help You?

The goal of palliative care is to improve quality of life for both the person and their family. It is comfort care and supportive care. This care can be provided by a multi-disciplinary team consisting of oncologists, nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians and counsellors who work together…

Lupus: Common FAQs

The common FAQs about Lupus and possible solutions to address your concerns and how to look after yourself. The incidence of lupus is around 3-10 per 100,000 people while the incidence of cancer is around 1 in 10 and while 1 in 3 Malaysians have diabetes, hypertension or cholesterol. 

Management of Lupus

Treatment for lupus is very challenging and depends on your signs and symptoms because there will be periods of remission & periods of ‘flare-ups’.

10 Points to Healthy Ageing

The world is ageing. Called the “Greying of the Nations” our lifespan has almost doubled the last 100 years. Though people are living longer however the majority are not ageing well.

Types of Eye Injury

There are a few types of eye injury which one should be aware of which can be caused by sharp edge objects, welding, grinding, chemical and blow-out fracture.

Eye Injury

Our eyes occupy less than 5% of the area of the face but yet the eye gets injured in over 60% of the time when there is trauma to the face region. Fortunately, the eye has its own protective mechanism thus reducing the severity of any injury.

Five Positive Ways to Manage Stress

You can’t avoid stress in your daily life but you can manage it. Don’t ignore stress as stress can lead to major health problems and it affects your health mentally and physically.

Study on User Experience with E-Counseling

E-counseling appears to address a number of significant barriers (i.e. convenience, affordability, and accessibility) that sometimes prevent face-to-face counseling from being effective.

Colonoscopy to Detect Colon Cancer

Colorectal Cancer (also known as bowel cancer and colon cancer) is cancer found in the colon or rectum (part of large intestines). Most colon cancer start as a growth on the inner lining of the colon called polyps. Over time, these polyps can change into cancer.

Practitioner in the Spotlight: Dr Khairi Rahman

If you’re going through a stage in life where you can’t function well or feel good, professional help can make a difference. Always know that you’re not alone when you’re facing difficulties or problems in life.