During Your Trip: Prevent Possible Infection

It’s easy to avoid someone coughing or sneezing but what to do when you’re stuck in a long haul with a crowd of coughing and sneezing passengers in a small space? Also, a healthy adult can be contagious with the flu for up to 7 days before showing any signs of the illness.

Is There a (Virtual) Doctor in the House?

From finding a parking spot in busy hospitals or clinics to having to put up with long waits at the doctor’s office, a visit to the doctors can be an exhausting, time-consuming experience for many, especially in a fast-paced society like the one we live in today.

What You Should Know About the Flu

There’s a common misconception that the flu is the same as a cold. Both are respiratory illnesses sharing the same symptoms but they are actually caused by different viruses.

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MUST HAVE health screenings

Health screenings or blood tests are a great way in order to stay on top of your health. Just like owning a car, proper maintenance is crucial for its long.

Why You Should Get Health Screenings

Some diseases can actually be prevented by a healthy lifestyle. As for impacts of other diseases that cannot be prevented can be reduced when we find out at early stage, which is why you should get yourself an annual health screening.