A pterygium is pinkish and triangular tissue growth on the inner or outer aspect of the eye.  It is usually slow growing and does not give much problems until it has grown quite big.  The cause is unknown but it is more common in people who have long exposure to sunlight (such as outdoor construction or plantation workers, sailors, surfers or fishermen), smoke, dust, pollen or older age group.


  • Discomfort or irritation
  • Dryness or itchiness
  • Redness
  • Blurred vision (when the lesion covers the eye)

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1. Eye Medication

Irritation or dryness can be treated with lubricant eye drops during the day or ointment at night. 

2. Surgery

Surgical excision will be required if there is persistent redness or discomfort despite using eye medication.  The procedure is not painful and is very safe with minimal risk of complications.  The surgery is usually combined with a conjunctival graft which reduces the risk of recurrence.

After surgery, you will need to apply eye medication to reduce the swelling, for comfort and to prevent infection. (click to learn how to apply eye drops https://blog.teleme.co/2019/02/20/eye-drops-how-to-apply/)

How to prevent future recurrent pterygium

You can help reduce the risk of recurrent growth by wearing sunglasses or a hat if you are in an area with strong sunlight or wind.  Avoid cornea dryness by applying lubricant eye drops on a regular basis when you are in a hot or dry place.

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