Want to Lose Weight but Don’t Know How?

by | Dec 27, 2016


The brand New Year is just a few days away, and I’m pretty sure you have got a few resolutions in mind! As with all New Year’s resolutions, fitness and losing weight are usually at the top of everyone’s list.

But the problem is this – I usually start off my resolution really strong, but start slacking by the second month in. I’m pretty sure many of you can identify with me. So I was thinking, how can I make it work this time around? And that was when Jeff & Jason happened!


Nutrition & Weight Management

To give you a little background, Jeffrey Lee is an ISSA certified Sports Nutritionist and Jason Lee is an ISSA certified Weight Management Specialist/Personal Trainer. Together, they help people live healthier lives, stay fit and lose weight. They are also the founders of Grindz, a health and nutritional supplement and lifestyle company.

I met Jason at a Next’s Digital Marketing bootcamp and the rest is history. Long gone are the days when both the brothers were overweighed themselves, as you can see below (we have picture proof… cause you know what they say, “picture, or it didn’t happen”).




He told me how his lifestyle change made a difference in both his and his brother’s life, and they want to help people achieve their goals! Here’s a tip from them:

“Stay away from diet fads. Crash dieting is the worse strategy anyone can employ to lose weight, because it is incredibly unsustainable. While you may see results fast, you will also realise that the moment you slip and start snacking again, all your hard work will go to waste and the pounds will pack on.”

What I learned from them is, it isn’t impossible to live healthy and strong, but sometimes, we need a little push in the right direction. And there is no better time to get on the right track than now… and good things are meant to be shared!

So for a limited time only, you can ask Jeff & Jason any questions you have about nutrition, weight loss plans and workout regimes that are effective for you… FOR FREE! Just get on www.teleme.co to get started. Follow these simple steps, and voila, get ready to kickass this brand new 2017!



Talk to Jason & Jeff for free and receive complimentary Grindz supplement packs. Here’s how you do it:

  • Sign up on www.teleme.co
  • Search for Jason Lee or Jeffrey Lee (or click on their names to be directed to their profiles on TeleMe)
  • Make an appointment with either Jeffrey and type in coupon code JEFFTELEME right before check out.


  • Make an appointment with Jason and type in coupon code JASONTELEME right before check out.
  • Await their confirmation and engage in an online consultation.
  • Get 2 Apple Clenz and 2 Booz Tea sachets from Grindz for FREE after completing your first complimetary pre-consultation with Jeffrey or Jason!

    Latest update: Offer and coupon code has expired


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